School Board


School Board Members

Row 1: Dr. Rita Becker, Assistant Superintendent; Mr. Todd Lentz, Board Vice- President; Mr. Jason Malone, Board President; Mr. Jon Shevelew, Board Treasurer; Mrs. Teresa Weaver, Business Manager/ Board Secretary
Row 2: Mr. Rich Holtzinger, Board Member; Mr. Darvin Shelley, Board Member; Mr. Jim Reese, Board Member; Dr. Joseph Mancuso III, Superintendent; Mr. Mark Keller, Board Member
Row 3: Mr. Richard Zepp, Board Member; Mr. Doug Bailey, Board Member
President:  Jason Malone - Region 1 Solicitor: Stock and Leader  
Vice President: Todd Lentz - Region 1 Secretary: Teresa Weaver  
Treasurer: Jon Shevelew - Region 1 EYEA Representative: Francis Nikolaus IV  
Richard Holtzinger - Region 1     
Mark D. Keller - Region 2    
James Reese - Region 2    
Richard Zepp - Region 2    
Douglas Bailey Jr. - Region 3    
Darvin Shelley - Region 3     


State Legislative Liaison - R. Zepp/D. Shelley
Eastern York Area Recreation Commission - J. Shevelew and R. Holtzinger
Hellam Township Master Park Plan - M. Keller
YCS of T - D. Shelley- Rep. D. Bailey, Jr. - Alternate
York Adams Tax Bureau - T. Senft
Meetings are held:    
Administration Offices
120 S. Third Street
Wrightsville, PA 17368