Mission Statement

The mission of Eastern York School District is to educate, prepare, and motivate each student to dream, to think, to learn, and to achieve throughout life.

Eastern York School District Goals

Communication:Eastern York School District will design and implement a K-12 program in communication skills to include reading, writing, speaking, and listening, which will specify appropriate competencies and encompass all subject areas across the curriculum.

Critical Thinking: Eastern York School District will design and implement a K-12 interdisciplinary curriculum which will incorporate knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem solving strategies.

Active Participation: Eastern York School District will incorporate strategies into K-12 curriculum to actively engage all students in the learning process.

Futures: Eastern York School District will secure the financial, human, and physical resources necessary to support the total education process.

Assessment: Eastern York School District is required to examine its present assessment practices and recommend changes to bring the district assessments into conformity to reflect what is being taught or expected.  A major recommendation is the implementation over time of a portfolio requirement for all students in all classes.

Graduation: Effective for 1999-2000, the district requires a major project to graduate and successful completion of 28 credits.

Curriculum Cycle: Planned course revision and review will take place over the next six years to bring all curricula into compliance with the new Chapter 4 and the district's additional graduation requirements and goals.